• Gianfranco Reppucci

    Gianfranco Reppucci

    Solutions architect at @Buzzoole, founder of @AppsterdamMilan, #golang and #dartlang enthusiast, technology addict - begin it now

  • dogo


    dogo is free-to-use software that helps you get feedback on your pitch deck and share it with investors

  • Dio


    Ente metafisico a partita iva, fondatore e CEO dell'Universo. Life & death coach. Entra sempre nel bagno delle donne, perché c'è scritto Signore.

  • Adam // Davies

    Adam // Davies

    CDO @PixelBeard // UI/UX Design // Business Development //

  • Osman Soylu

    Osman Soylu

    A fresh writer on Tech, Society, Philosophy and History.

  • CFF


    Lead Product designer at Moka. Happily In service for product, branding and strategy by design since 2008.

  • Andrea Mignini

    Andrea Mignini

    CoFounder&CommunityManager di @ildnlinux, mi interesso anche di politica, ambiente, astronomia, social media ed altre amenità :)

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