This set of 10 cards I have been working on is inspired by other existing tools or techniques (for example, the Okala wheel), which are however always product-oriented and never focused on services.

I therefore tried to retrace the stages of the life cycle of a service, from the first…

The Greenprint mixes the Life Cycle Analysis method with the Service Blueprint: the idea is to note the steps in the life of a service and analyze its evolution over time (before its existence, during and at the end of its life), in order to identify areas for improvement in a circular approach.

As in the LCA, all the steps are associated with specific resources, indicated with different colors. As in the Blueprint, you take into account the customer journey and the internal processes of the company, but also the tasks of the partners who are involved in the project.

This tool is under a Creative Commons license: use it as you wish, just let people know where it comes from 🙂

You can download the Greenprint here.

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I have always been torn by the conflict between ethics VS morality, as a designer as well as a person.

Since I was a child, I have always been obsessed with understanding how the world works and how I can make it better for all of us.

I have a…

Fin da quando ero bambina, ho sempre avuto l’ossessione di comprendere come funziona il mondo e come io, proprio io, possa renderlo migliore per tutti noi.

Ho sempre avuto un forte senso etico, ma nessuna comprensione della morale comune, il che ha spesso generato conflitti con le persone intorno a…

A few months ago, Facebook advertised me about a deck of “creative” cards. I was a little skeptical, I was afraid of ending up with another product ordered online on the other side of the world and never arrived at my destination. …

Il y a quelques mois, Facebook me proposait la publicité d’un set de cartes « créatives ». J’étais un peu dubitative, j’avais peur de me retrouver avec l’énième produit commandé en ligne à l’autre bout du monde et jamais arrivé à destination.

En même temps, les cartes étaient belles dans…

Those who were called Graphic Designers or Art Directors up to 10 years ago, today are called User Experience Designers (which is waaay much cooler).
But what has really changed?

Too often, nothing, only the title on the curriculum.
Even when something has really changed in the way they (we!) approach…

I was lucky enough a few days ago to attend a fantastic keynote on Mob Programming by Alexandre Victoor, Principal Engineer at Fluo.
I was very impressed by his presentation and I asked myself: would it be possible to apply this working method to interface design?

What is Mob Programming ?

In simple words, it…

Ho avuto la fortuna qualche giorno fa di assistere a una fantastica presentazione sul Mob Programming da parte di Alexandre Victoor, sviluppatore per la startup Fluo.

La sua presentazione mi ha molto colpita e mi sono quindi chiesta: è possibile applicare questo metodo di lavoro anche al design di interfaccia?

Che cos’è il Mob Programming

Quelli che fino a 10 anni fa si chiamavano grafici o direttori artistici, oggi si chiamano User Experience Designers (che fa mooolto più figo).

Ma cosa è cambiato? Spesso nulla, solo l’intestazione sul curriculum.

Anche quando qualcosa è davvero cambiato, ho i miei dubbi che siamo davvero andati a migliorare…

Gabriella Cinque

Italian Creative Designer living in Paris. Focus on Circular, Ethical and Systemic design.

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